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Kirmet Gosnell and his house of horrors

I know I promised to do a blog on drug addiction this time however something just as important came up and I feel it is more timely. 

Next post will be on drug addiction and the destruction of the family. Promise.

My husband wanted to go to the movies today. He loves to go, I could never go again and be ok. 
To make it even more exciting he wanted to see  Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer  now don't get me wrong. I think this is an important movie also but not one to see for date night, besides I thought I could almost guess the whole movie plot. Just from the title and the commericals on TV one might figure it is a pro life movie. Boy was I wrong!!!!!!!

One of the things this prodigal daughter did while out partying and spending my parents money, (just kidding, my parents had no money) was to bury my head in the sand and pretend every important issue I should have been concerned about wasn't really happening. 

So off to the movies we went. We had heard some theaters were just pulling the movie from their theater earlier than expected. Now this would be happening because of political correctness which is a shame. Again this is not a pro choice pro life film. We know the side that would not want to see this movie out in theaters would be the pro choice side. Hear is the horrible shame about that. 

I hear them constantly on the news screaming and yelling about a woman's right to choose. Oh they also scream and yell about abuse of woman and how woman are treated so horribly by more conservative thinkers. 

Let me just say, this is crap pure and utter crap. This film sheds bright light on how woman and young girls are victimized by some not all but some of these doctors like Dr. Kermit Gosnell. This man abused woman and young girls for over 30 years. Why? for cash. Oh people said he provided this wonderful service in the poor neighborhoods. Crap again. Yes, some paid very little. He knew that was all they had. He performed abortions on them not because he cared regardless of their financial ability but in my opinion because he is a sick ticket who enjoyed what he did.  He also knew he would make more on other woman. Folks that is not even counting his massive income as a drug dealer. Yep, he sold Oxycontin Rx's for cash to anyone that wanted them. This is how the police first encountered him.  He was under Federal and local investigation for sell prescriptions and drugs. The rest the police just happened upon. So much for helping woman. 

The left and the pro choice people would also say, "this is why we have to keep abortion legal, so woman don't die at the hands of an ally and a coat hanger". That's their argument. Again this film not about abortion, I don't want to argue this but I do want to make this point for my friends that are pro choice. I am pro life and always have been. However, I want to love and care for all people. Doesn't sound like me but I'm telling the truth. I feel I'm right in my choice but I recognize you are going to believe what you want and have the right to feel what you want. My only hope is that one day your eyes will be open and you will realize what abortion really is and how it destroys a woman's soul. I'm sure you hope I change my mind some day as well. 

But please, do not preach to me about how much these legislators and doctors care about woman, or even how much you care about woman if you haven't even looked at this problem thoroughly.  Do you fully understand what happens in an abortion? Do you know the risks to a woman's life, ability to have children in the future or how some woman have been so injured they require a hysterectomy? 

I challenge you to see this film. A true story about a serial killer. I hear you. "your accusing him of serial killing for all the abortions he performed".  Wrong again dear. See the movie and tell me about the safety of abortions in a medical clinic. Oh wait, I realize not all are like this. There are clinics operated safely and legally. This one was not on either account. Do you have any idea how many Dr. Gosnell's there are out there. I didn't. Until today when doing some reading for this post I read that every county in America has at least one clinic such as Dr. Gosnell's. 

I know is must sound like I am on the anti abortion rant right now. I'm not, really you can believe that. I've said it before, other's are saying it today tomorrow and the next day. 

I am on a protect woman and children rant. I hear a lot about abortions and I know that message is being delivered. Today, my motivation is for woman, young and old. Why in this day and age are woman murdered during abortions. Acquiring sexually transmitted diseases while at these house of horrors. Being told to shut up and knocked out when they look around and see something isn't right and than having their child aborted under protest. 

Dr. Gosnell made this statement to his staff when he aborted a baby that was way past the legal age to abort. 

This was an amazing story, a hard story to see but thoughtful, truthful and eye opening for both sides of the issue. Pro Life and Pro Choice. It was a movie about the trial of a murderer. Plain and simple.

Without giving too much away, I feel I should say a few things for those that will not see the movie. No matter your belief system concerning abortion you may be faced with this situation. You should know the truth. The reason this movie is so important is that it is just a chip on the mountain of other clinics and doctors that work the same way.

Bags of human waste were scattered all over the clinic. 
Stairwells, hallways, offices everywhere. He did not pay
for a removal service. He also used these remains as bait for crabbing.
Karnamaya Mongar top left died needlessly in the clinic. As she was dying he could not help her as his equipment, crash cart oxygen machine were broken. He did not call 9 11 for a few hours. The baby in the picture is large. The cut off is 24 weeks. He is estimated by ME as several weeks past                                                                                

Yes the ugliness of the abortion industry, cash cow is exposed but that is not the story.

This link is from an interview on Fox News of a Kermit Gosnell Patient.

The press obviously concerned this would harm the cause of the Pro Choice side has basically boycotted this movie. Now at this date there has been a rise in coverage. No real critic reviews unfortunately. In fact for days the courtroom was empty. No reporters. All you heard was crickets. A Blogger shamed the press into covering the story. She too is a hero in this drama.

In "real life", the jury had to be all pro choice. It did not say why unless I missed it  in the movie. It has been reported that every juror became a pro life believer after this movie. I don't know how these wonderful people sat through this and listened to all the details. It took 9 days for the jury to reach it's verdict. They gave it thought wouldn't you say? 

Dr. Kirmit Gosnell owned and operated a "woman's Clinic"  in Philadelphia PA for over 30 years. He was licensed by the state of PA. He was not board certified in gynecology or obstetrics. He was known  for cheap abortions mainly among the black and immigrant woman. However he charged 1500-3500 for late term abortions in 2010, I don't find that cheap. He performed abortions on white woman as well, they were done in a cleaner setting. The others were performed in his regular office and procedure room. These rooms were so filthy, littered with cat feces, bags and bags of medical waste thrown everywhere, fly's and other disgusting and dangerous conditions. His medical equipment was not working, his medication in his crash cart used to bring a patient back was expired. His oxygen machine did not work. His tables were covered in multiple patients blood and he reused instruments without even rinsing them off. 

His staff, not one person on his staff had any credentials. He hired girls as young as 15 off the street and " trained" them in medical procedures, pain management even anesthesia. 

A young woman who was hired at 15 showed this to police. This was her cheat sheet
for medication doses and uses. She color coded. Twilight custom heavy is for anesthesia. This probably 17 yr old girl by the end administered anesthesia. 

As you can guess and it is advertised in the movie trailer on TV that he is charged for the murder of several of the thousands upon thousands of babies he aborted and the murder of one of the mothers. 

I'm going to leave details of the movie there. Other than to say Kermit Gosnell and staff members were also charged with illegally distributing Oxycontin and other drugs on the side. His side hustle if you will. I do want to say this. Dr. Gosnell in my opinion was crazy. His clinic was filthy his home was filthy. While they were searching his home he played the piano. He was dumbfounded that anyone thought he did anything wrong. In the picture above he jokes about the baby walking to the bus stop. In this picture below, he collected the babies feet and other parts. When asked why he did this he said, "why for my research". He did no research, he just collected these precious babies parts. He also had a tank with turtles in the office. Before he would check his patients he would spend time with the turtles. When in court he asked the judge to make sure his turtles were taken care of. 

t is so strange how complacent we can become. It is scary and sad. There was a time in my early Christian years when I would have been all over this. I remember one of my dearest friends was very involved in the anti abortion movement in the late 80's. She went as far as marching at the abortion clinic in our area. She educated people and did a lot of work in that area. She said God had burdened her heart with this sadness. I remember she said once, that the woman broke her heart. That she knew they needed love and prayer and that they probably had no one. Beverly never ever judged them or said ugly things about them. 

I decided that I was going with her one day to the clinic. I have never been so scared in my life. I walked up and down, carrying my little sign and I just waited for someone to yell out, "hey you with the sign, what makes you think you should be here your a big ole sinner". Or I thought these things can get violent have you thought of that? I feared a coke bottle flying through the air and hitting one of us. Not to mention a shooting. Now I joke about this now but this happens. 

Then I would look in front of me and there would be my sweet friend marching and praying. Let me be honest I was praying for the situation also, but mainly I was praying Lord get me out of here.  So we quickly discovered I should help elsewhere. It's funny years later I related to my friend Beverly how scared I was that day and she said, "yea, I was always scared too". She kept doing it until that clinic closed I think. 

I couldn't tell you the last time I prayed about this issue in our country. Oh I say the little prayer whenever something comes up. But it hasn't pulled at my heart cause I haven't thought much about it. Our country is so plagued with problems, serious problems. War, terrorist, school shootings and the general decline of what we hold dear. I think sometimes "older problems" like abortion take a back seat to the newer problems.  

Here is my point. It's not just this issue I speak of tonight. It's everything. When we are burdened by problems be it our health, our children, our marriage and finances. It is easy to stop looking at the things in the world that should give us pause even bother us to the point we are at least praying about. We stop looking at Gods world as his creation that is being destroyed by evil. We look at things with the attitude of " well I have so many problems what can I do". Not a lot, maybe you cant do a lot. But you can pray. You can stay informed and pray for this world. Whats that? you don't have time? Yes there is so many bad things going on that it would take hours a day to get to everything. I didn't say, get on your knee's and stay there until you have prayed for everything you saw on Fox News today. 

This is what I learned to do. I pray without ceasing. While I shop, while I do dishes.  I have a large window above the sink in the kitchen. there is a beautiful lot next door. As I sat staring at it tonight and thinking about the movie I simply prayed 
"your world is so pretty, I'm sorry evil has brought evil. Lord Stop the Dr Gosnells. Help these woman who feel they have nothing left to do. Save the babies lord rally your people".  That took a minute. A simple prayer need not be hours long.
Pray in the car, while you jog or walk, sitting in the doctors office etc. 

Now this is when all the pro choice friends will chime in and say, " this is exactly why we have to keep abortion legal. So woman don't die in places like this by incompetent people like Kermit Gosnell. Let me say it this way. Kermit Gosnell was a licensed physician. Licensed by the state of PA. Kermit Gosnell had a clinic, he wasn't a novice practicing in a back ally with a coat hanger. This legal and licensed doctor and clinic was subject to regular inspections by the health department. However they never inspected this clinic. This is a common problem especially in cities. The Health Dept. said they didn't inspect his clinic because they were short handed. His life saving equipment was broken. His crash cart had no medicine and the paddles didn't work.  So Please tell me how going to a licensed doctor is any different than playing Russian Ru late. These clinics are nothing but money makers. Providing safe places for a woman to exercise her right to have an abortion. Bull hockey friends. There is nothing these people do to keep woman safe or advocate woman's rights. Yes, there are competent doctors, clean clinics but don't be fooled, there are many many Dr. Gosnell's out there. 

This is what our God must be doing when this horror is going on

This moral of my story is this. Wake up please wake up. what if it were your daughter that went to Gosnell, what if it were your sister, neighbor friend. Lots of young girls went there because it was cheap and he overlooked parental consent. 

Please go see this movie. That is before it is yanked totally. We need to know what evil is out there, we must be prepared to fight evil with prayer.

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